hello world!

this is

a free + open source platform for
creating, connecting and sharing the evolution of your ideas.

i'm a bit of text

i can be of any size, small as one letter, like a


or as big as a


i can be a phrase,

a paragraph (of which I'll spare you)

a page

or even an entire book

the point is, there are no rules

i can be of any size, defined only by how you use me

i can also be a

No.. no.. not a fish

i mean i can be an image

i can also be other things, like a sound,

or a video

you can

drag me

cut me

into pieces

glue me into bigger


crop me

you can even shatter me into a million pieces.

What would be the equivalent of this:

but for a bit of text







and for an image?

You can also group me with your other bits, to make clusters

here's a re-enactment of one of artist Christian Marclay's CD cover collages

it's just like digital

you can make maps of ideas

here is a cluster of inspiration for a sound project

what if you could re-arrange your cluster into new configurations, or views

in the way these dots morph?

you could re-arrange bits by color

by shape

by size

by origin (where you found it)

and generate new ideas with ordering by random

as you can imagine, things can get hectic quickly.

a few things will help manage this

first, you can always undo anything:

and play time, to see the evolution of your ideas

thank this guy for that idea

charles darwin, in case ya didn't know

Things really come to life

when you create connections or relationships between me and other bits.

These are called parallels.

For example:

this image of a Mark Webster painting (2010)

was born from

Umberto Bioccioni's sculpture (1913)

this image

is visually similar to

after a bit of a twist

to this one

you can create conceptual parallels too, not just visual ones

imagine reading a web page, clipping a bit of text, seamlessly saving, connecting and annotating it

One of the better times of the Cambridge Physical Laboratories was when they had practically shacks - they did some of the best physics ever.

Richard Hamming, You & Your Research

is a parallel to

In the early music publishing houses, there might as many as ten pianos going at once, and you had to write a lead sheet under those circumstances. If I were making a lead sheet to get an advance I couldnt afford to let all those noises interfere with the nose I was trying to put down on one sheet of paper.

Duke Ellington, Music is My Muse

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
-- Nelson Mandela

is the opposite of

Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.
-- Bertrand Russell

is a parallel to

By linking bits with parallels, you can search associatively:

... stupid by
-- Bertrand ...

is the most powerful weapon...

the more you use Parallels, the better it gets
there are tons of other features to tell you about, like
desktop and browser integration
touch support
easy Google docs import/export
simple sharing, via twitter facebook dropbox
more info soon . . . .